Below are some posts that either received more attention than usual (i.e. none), remind me of some especially funny/crazy moments, or are bits of writing that I’m particularly pleased about. Hope you enjoy.

when being scared is good

airport departures

i want to live forever

snowdon: don’t read this if you have a fear of heights and plan to go via crib goch

how to lose 3 pounds in one week

my calling in london: i cut drunk fucks off fences

we’ve come a long long way together

updates from china: the gym, the perfect woman, and getting some cash

extracts from sunday: can you be my mistress?

sir, i didn’t chuck a dead baby into the bin

this is why i don’t get any dates

i thought i knew but now i really know: hospital food

the lady who ran with an umbrella

mere exasperation, or lap attack

the forth best thing about new york

2% fondness, 60% admiration

bestival part III: roaming about doing nothing is good

the wonderful world of work


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