A great morning in one of the world’s most densely populated cities…

…involve not feeling like you’re in one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

(Also involves realising the limitations of this phone camera. Viewed outside of a tiny phone screen, these just look sub-par. I’m developing this feeling that my good old Lumix point and shoot beats whatever things they keep packing into phones these days. )


Hong Kong – The City Where Dreams Come True

Not too sure about the dreams come true bit, but what I know right now is that given the past one or two months of absolutely dismal wet, grey, and muggy weather, I can do with a good reminder of why we also sometimes think this is one of the greatest cities in the world.

This is the link to a 360° panoramic aerial project in which I’m very pleased Hong Kong is included. It says HK is the city where dreams come true. Click to fullscreen mode and start dreaming.

If you haven’t seen Hong Kong before, I hope you’re going to see how absolutely stunning this city can be. If you have been here or do live here already, you’re about to experience it in a way you most likely haven’t been able to.

Now, if only they have some sort of 3D immersion experience, then I can pretend this current weather doesn’t exist….along with all the other crap that goes on here.

my city

One of my favourite vimeos is The Mountain, a timelapsed video shot on a mountain in Spain.

My favourite city one is A Year in New York. I once spent a week in New York with a very good friend of mine. It’s one of my favourite places to be and I still look back on that week fondly. I love the human everyday elements in the video. It makes you care about the city and the people.

After watching that, I remember saying, why hasn’t anyone made one for Hong Kong? I said, “Maybe I’ll make one.” Lo and behold –

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Hiketastic – Sai Wan Pavillion to the High Island Reservoir (East Dam)

Went hiking in Sai Kung yesterday, known informally as the “back garden” of Hong Kong – it was the best hike I’ve had in HK yet. It lasted from 10.30am to 5.30pm. I didn’t expect it to take so long so I ran out of water and had little real food, but it was great nonetheless.

It took longer than expected because 1) we weren’t sure of the route; 2) one of us was ill and we had to proceed really slowly at times; 3) the beaches were too beautiful to not stop and hang out for a bit!

We had brilliant weather, fantastic views, white sandy beaches, great company, and a fairly challenging route – everything I could ask for in a hike.

It was a route none of us had ever done, and involved much more than the paved concrete I’m used to here – going through bushes, scrambling on the hillside, sliding on rocky patches. I have a feeling I’m only just discovering the wonders of hiking here!

I loved it too much to not include a few more photos, so see below for more if so enticed!

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