t-shirts people wear: Juicy

JuicyI have this bad habit of reading the text on people’s t-shirts, which is amusing, baffling and sometimes infuriating all at the same time.

To my friends, when I point out the ridiculousness of the prints on their tops, it’s unnecessary and embarassing. (Speaking of which, I need to get a shot of my flatmate’s top that says something about murdering some kid.)

People tend not to think twice about foreign language prints on their clothing, like the summer I went to France when it was hit by this craze of having Chinese characters on tops and trousers. They had the most ridiculous words possible printed on them. I thought, for all the mocking Asians get for having non-sensical European-language idiocy on their clothing, oh yeah – payback time!

Meanwhile, my neighbour likes juicy I guess. *ahem*


2 thoughts on “t-shirts people wear: Juicy

  1. well, people in HK generally can’t read/speak english at all and don’t know what their t-shirts are saying…same thing with the French and Chinese character t-shirts.

    I wonder if I can get someone in HK to wear a T-shirt in English saying “CY Leung is a piece of shit.” or “mainland locusts should be river-crab-ed”.

    I don’t mind giving these T-shirts away (even if I pay for them to be made.)

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