the Wednesday illness

So my computer and my wi-fi had a bit of a disagreement. I couldn’t get them to speak to each other no matter how hard I pressed them to [pun intended], which was a pain coz then I couldn’t post. But no matter, seems like they’re talking again now.

Meanwhile, I have been going through boxes of tissues like the world depends on it. One morning, I walked out into the living room to have my flatmate take one look at me and go “Woah, you look serious.” Sitting at my desk at the office later that day, I turned my head looking for something only to have the girl sitting next to me glance up at my face and go, “Woah.”

It was a Wednesday.

Every Wednesday for the past three weeks, I wake up with my nose completely bunged up. I blow my nose throughout meetings, collecting little snot dumplings in front of me as I try to squint at presentations through watering eyes. Trying to sneeze and blow your nose discreetly in an open plan office takes a lot of talent I realise. I mostly fail. Throughout the day at my desk, I transform entire boxes of tissues into piles of squidgy balls in the bin. My nose reddens and peels from all the friction and people talking to me can’t help but focus on it.

On Thursday, things would abruptly start clearing up. I no longer have to haul a box of tissue with me around the office. I can once again talk on the phone and be understood. I no longer wipe tears from my eyes in meetings. By Friday, I feel good enough to go to the gym after work.

I generally enjoy my weekends snot-free and breathing happily. Then Monday rolls around and I would come home from work, feeling a bit under the weather. I would just assume I was just tired from a long day. But inevitably, I would feel significantly worst the next day. Where is the tissue? I would start looking around for the box. I blow my nose intermittantly and rub my eyes. By night time, I could no longer breathe through my nose.

Then Wednesday…and we all know how that goes.

I’ve taken to calling this The Wednesday Illness and it’s been going on for a few weeks now. I can’t explain it. I look and feel terrible in the middle of the week, it gradually clears up for the weekend, and then the whole process repeats itself again.

Maybe this is it. I’m allergic to work.


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