quality time in the loo

I’ve decided to make a few changes around here, mainly just to make myself less discoverable by the day job. I seem to be in this constant struggle between being a naturally private person and needing to write my heart out. Why don’t I just make this whole thing private then you ask? Because believe it or not, being read is a pleasant bonus. 

Speaking of work, open plan offices is a disaster for introverts. Does anyone hide in the office toilets? I do. Being out in the open all the time makes me edgy. Plus, I can’t slack off. I can’t take a break and surf the net for 10 minutes because people can watch my screen all the way from the other side of the office. So I end up working non-stop for hours with my only breaks being the trip to the water machine and the toilet. It’s a tough grind five days a week and slowly, I find myself spending more and more time in the bathroom.

It’s gotten to the point now where I take my phone in with me so I can satiate my internet hunger, text people I actually like, and take a dump at the same time. Speak of efficiency in the work place! (Ok, a lot of times, I really just sit and read and text.)

Sitting with my back to an open space of a hundred people is generally just anxiety-inducing. Guess it’s made worst because I’m an introvert, but being able to get away for a (usually not smelly) breather is a life-saver. Doesn’t hurt that they keep the toilets brand-spanking-new clean, I can actually get some reading done!

And speaking of THAT, I really need to get reading. All my reading and writing have been dumped on the wayside for this thing called slacking. I hope to write here at least once a week. Let’s hope that habit sticks.


6 thoughts on “quality time in the loo

  1. suggestion:
    – move your cubicle so no one can see you surfing
    – Place thick cardboard or polarized plastic/glass to divide up your cubicle and keep snoopers away.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t even have a cubicle. It’s just a desk in an open plan space that’s assigned and fixed. I wish I could move it too.

      Likewise, corporations these days are quite insistent on their space designs and me putting up my own divisions would be a big no-no. I’ve kinda compensated by putting a growing stack of box files between myself and my neighbour – though that eats into my tiny desk space. Can’t have everything eh?

      Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 23:01:45 +0000 To: dorasyl@hotmail.com

      • Trust me, I sat in a desk wtih about 4 ft partitions on open office format, fortunately, I got seniority to pick first so I put myself against the wall (no snoopers.)
        Ask for a desk trade. OR put a piece of polarizing glass/plastic (similar to ones used for ceiling fluroscent lights.) They are sold at plumbing stores (aka ‘5 gold’ stores.) OR buy a polarize monitor filter with narrow viewing angle.

        Curious may I send you an email to get to know u better?

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