things my mom says: why Chinese women marry gweilos


I was watching a TV show the other day about local celebrities. And they said, you know how Karen Mok* and Gigi Leung* have married gweilos^ right? Well, apparently they are saying they have to marry gweilos because they’re getting old and can’t find a local husband.

*local singers                                                                                       ^Cantonese slang for foreigners. Usually white males. Maybe rude. But that’s another story.

She didn’t let on whether she agreed with them or not.  Yet somehow, I feel like she was digging at something, but I don’t know what and wasn’t bothered enough to find out.

She followed up with:

So, if you have to choose between a mainland Chinese and a gweilo, who would you rather marry?

What? Just like that?…..ummmm, I’d say gweilo coz I imagine I can communicate better with them?

But what if the Chinese man is really rich? Like….he’s really corrupt and amassed a whole load of wealth!?

What sort of question is that?! Then I’m definitely not marrying him then! Because when the communists decide to go through another purge, I definitely do not want to be dragged under the axe as well!

Sometimes, I don’t know what to make of the random things my parents say. I feel like she was trying to make a point, but I can’t quite grasp what. Or maybe…she just didn’t have a point.

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