skinny die me

There are some things I just don’t get about Hong Kong, such as ads like this that I’ve been seeing around the MTR lately:

hot linda bbI mean, what is “HOT LINDA BB” supposed to mean?! I assume the woman is called Linda, but WTF is “BB”?! I know that “BB” is Cantonese slang for “baby”. But “Hot Linda BB”?!

I don’t know why I get so worked up about random stuff like this, but somehow, a 29 year old woman allowing herself to be called “BB”, just really irks me. Not withstanding the fact as well that this is one of the many posters around the MTR constantly showing images of scantily clad women advertising weight-lost programmes day in and day out to every single girl and woman who rides the MTR.

What messages are we sending to girls here? Do they aspire to being called “BB” and having this scrawny body with no muscle tone whatsoever? That the best way to lose weight and have a great body is through dodgy diet plans, “weight-loss coffee”, and whatever the latest fads and gimmicks are?

As I write this, my flatmate is lying in bed wearing “slimming stockings”.

This herd mentality we have in Hong Kong, and the long-standing quest for everyone to lose weight the lazy way, even if it means buying into obviously stupid schemes, makes me just want to shake a pale mushy tween by the shoulders and just tell her to wake the fuck up and look outside of this oppressively weird bubble we live in and just go and swim a few laps. That might do more for your health and weight than packages of laxatives in pretty pink packaging.


4 thoughts on “skinny die me

  1. well, the education system is setup in HK that doesn’t allow individual thought, doesn’t allow free flowing of ideas different from the norm…so this is what society becomes like the poster.

    btw, the model’s name is Linda Chung aka, Linda BB…

    I think HK is well on its way to become mainland-itzed…

    • I’m sorry but why is she called Linda BB?! I really can’t get my head around that….Is that like some new brand image now? To me it sounds like giving in to male patronisation and condescension with immature sexual undertones.

      > Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 03:40:38 +0000 > To: >

  2. Dora, sorry for late reply…why linda chung called Linda BB because she is young and she typically projects the naive innoncent young beautiful girl next door look (from her acting.) yes, it is a new brand image (ie Karena Ng, aka Karena BB) Personally I don’t care for those ads or don’t like the way women is portrayed, especially in the numerous slim clinic ads featuring charmaine sheh, shirley yeung and now linda chung.

  3. Dora,
    actually come to think of it, I recalled the phase “wanting beauty and throwing away their health/lives.” slimming devices services, whitening cremes and high heels are typical examples of that phase in play (health issues, heavy metals in the cremes, back/leg problems with those heels.)

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