if you’re asking for valentine’s day ideas as well…

I was watching a bit of this program on TV last night that was providing some sort of insight into the relationships and dating lives of the post-90’s generation.

Apparently, they did a poll (don’t remember the sample size) on what HK youths do the most when they go out with someone and the result was something like this: Eating; Shopping; and Cinema.

At first thought, I was thinking how boring. And then I was like, waitaminute, with the last guy that I dated, that was basically what we did. Well actually, it was mostly Eating. Because Shopping is boring and I don’t know remember if we ever went to the Cinema. (I’m like a man that way: the easiest way to my heart is through my stomach.)

On second thought, I remember why we broke up. I found him boring. Taking me out eating good food is great, but if all you do is eat, there’s really nothing to talk about. (Now I have a feeling this post is going to degenerate into a big why-I-don’t-have-a-boyfriend whine but seriously, I just want to say, aren’t there people out there who’d like do more exciting things on dates?)

The other night, this guy asked me for ideas for Valentine’s Day. I told him to take her to this South African restaurant on this out-of-the-way beach and then spend the night (illegally) camping. To me, that would be a great night (except that the day after is a work day so I don’t know how this is gonna work out. Maybe I’ll ask him later).

I mean, what happened to going kayaking? Surfing? Hiking? Playing squash? Picnic in a park? Go to a boxing class together. Why does everyone just go to the shopping mall?

Here is quite a sweet and amusing article (The Rules of Dirtbag Dating) on what in essense is a description of the ideal girl for a guy that loves the outdoors.

To me, the sentiments expressed in the article fully applies, except that the roles are reversed and I’m that girl while every other guy in HK seems to be contented with just reading Japanese comics, shopping for shoes, and watching TV.

I mean, I think hiking over a mountain to sit on a rock and watch the sunrise beats a coffee date in Starbucks any day. I think going climbing together would be awesome. I think a head torch, scuba fins, or SUP lessons make perfectly great presents.

Point is: Kids these days really just need to get outside more. Their parents need to get outside more. And I really just need to find a fun date?!


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