a perfect day

I have bookmarked Outside‘s My Perfect Adventure for a few months now. It’s a constantly updated series of interviews with some of the best athletes and adventurers in the world, each starting by asking them to describe their perfect day, from dusk till dawn. Sonnie Trotter is an example.

I find them fascinating and inspiring, and at the same time, disparing because I wonder if I’ll ever get the opportunity to do any of the amazing things those people do.

I sat and thought about what my perfect day would involve. Towards the end of last year, because I hadn’t been doing much of anything other than work, I just couldn’t think of what a great day here would involve. Each time I tried, it all involved some grand adventure away from where I am: diving, skiing, a beach holiday somewhere, a mountain trek, and so on. That’s just too easy, and it’s not the point is it? Anyone can come up with a random perfect day in some dream location right? What’s the point in that?!

I hadn’t been doing anything fun, so I just couldn’t think of a fun day where I am. Too exhausted, I’d been spending my weekends at home, sleeping, trying to recover from the week.

Until I caught the climbing bug again.

In November, I found a bouldering gym that I like and spent much of the hockey off-season solving problems, getting calluses on my hands, and shaking blood back into my satisfyingly jellied arms. Each day at the wall, each problem solved was more satisfying than any other thing I’ve done recently.

I finally found something outside of work that held my attention and I had something to obsess about again. It reopened my mind to things I used to love doing and broadened my thoughts into thinking what’s possible, instead of what’s not.

Here’s my perfect day:

A perfect day is really any day that involves a physical activity, usually a day spent outside, and when the day finishes, I feel didn’t waste it. I wake up early after a long and restful sleep. I make myself a cup of tea and a nice breakfast. Then I head out into whatever I’d planned that day – a day at the bouldering gym; a hike to a remote beach with friends; a run in the hills; a sea kayaking adventure; learning to surf; anything like that. It could take all day, it could take half a day. They always end with good food with people I like, where we rest our tired legs (or arms) and just catch up about anything. The night could end with a movie at home, drinks somewhere, or just seeing some more people. Then I go to bed tired and happy.

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