Crocodile at the market

After typing it, I realise the title sounds like some kids’ TV show but no, this is literally about a crocodile at the market.

Like many people in HK, I have a lot of relatives in Guangzhou, China, about 3 hours ride north. So there I was over the weekend for a family wedding, and had some time during the day to go roaming about around my hotel.

We wandered to a fresh foods market and saw what at first look like an ordinary fresh meat/fish stall.

But as you can see, there’s firstly half a goat’s head in a bucket on the bottom right corner, which I tried really hard not to look at.

Then amongst what looks like pork or chucks of some big fish, you notice bits that resemble a crocodile.

As a matter of fact, there you go, an entire crocodile tail and crocodile torso is right there. I still can’t get over how nonchalant this whole thing is. Like how they just conveniently rested their calculator and a towel on the scaly body.

I know I sound like just another first world privileged city girl who’s never had to kill for food, but while I’ve seen pork and beef like this, I’ve never seen a crocodile laid out like this. And I didn’t know crocodile meat looks like pork either. Not sure what I was expecting, but maybe I grouped it together with fish?

I mean, look there’s three crocodile tongues! And are those two some of their claws? My mum and I stood there just staring. It’s one of those things where you can’t help but look, but look too long and you feel like throwing up. Which, now that I mention it, I need to end this because I need to go look at cuddly kittens instead.


One thought on “Crocodile at the market

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen it not only in the markets here in Guangzhou, but even in the supermarkets. I only really started seeing it around over the past 6 months or so. Seems it’s just beginning to find a market here in GZ.

    Gotta say it doesn’t look so appetizing here, but I’ve tried crocodile meat back in Australia, and it’s pretty damned good! I know it’s cliche, but it tastes a lot like chicken (or perhaps half-way between chicken and pork), and actually has a similar texture to chicken when cooked.

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