Night-time on the hills

I never had any desire to run up a hill.

Like seriously, who wants to go up a hill on purpose? It’s slow, it’s painful, it’s hard. You’re out of breath, your chest is heaving, your calves are burning.

It’s been a very hard and very long summer for me. My manager who was on maternity leave morphed into the manager who decided to leave for good – with no warning, no handover. I found myself suddenly thrown into the fray that is management and had to quickly learn to fend for myself and my team. It’s a steep learning curve. Work took over my life and I turn up every Monday looking forward to Friday. When I make it to Thursdays, I consider it an achievement.

Summer only lasts a few month. Every year, it was never enough. But this year, it seemed to go on forever. 12 hour days became the minimal and I just wanted this year to end.

I’m still eagerly waiting.

I run whenever I can, even if it’s 11pm at night. If you see a girl running late at night, she’s probably not a fitness fanatic – she probably just wants to do something that is not sitting in a chair or lying in bed.

It might seem contradictory, but because I don’t actually like running, nor am I much good at it, it makes me concentrate harder on it. It focuses my mind.

You know what makes a bad day at work even worst? Having a bad day at work and having no one to go home to.

Having shit day and going home to an empty house. To have no one waiting to see you. To have no one you’re eager to see. And then repeat that for 5 days in a row week after week after week.  That’s tough.

Recently, I’m losing focus running around my usual track. I can run longer to make it harder. Or run faster. But I find it boring. Running is boring enough already. But to run the same route all the time, knowing all the twists and turns is allowing my mind to drift.

After another bad day and again an empty flat, I decided to run up the nearest hill. I’m sick of the air on the roads anyways. The traffic and the people and the noise. I’ve been up on that hill once at the end of a hike. I was impressed by how a little elevation is able to provide a lot more space and air.

I wanted to be up there. So I ran.

It was quiet. Being an entirely residential area, unless you live there, there’s really no reason for anyone to go up. There were some people out for evening strolls. A couple of people walking their dogs. A little breeze was moving the air about. It amazed me how within just a few minutes I was able to find peace and quiet.

Mind you though. It was a hard slog. Everyone was walking downhill. I was the only crazy-assed person going up. I was moving my legs and arms in running motions but at a walking pace. But whatever. It was worth it.

I finished at the top, thoroughly pleased with myself – for making it all the way up, for this spontaneous night-time adventure, and for finding somewhere close to home with clear air.

Now back down into the fray….


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