When your boss goes on maternity leave – you do not have a life + Tour-running Mainz, Germany

The past few weeks or so since my boss has gone on maternity leave has been a blur of flights, late nights at the office, meetings, trainings, stress, and more late nights at the office.

At the same time, in the space of a month, I’ve had my share of (mis)adventures. I managed to miss my flight to Frankfurt; spend a weekend in London where I clung onto the back of a motorcycle going 90 miles an hour on the A3; fly to Shanghai where my luggage took an hour to come out; and spend a week in Suzhou where I drank enough at a work event to make it the only time I’m glad my boss isn’t around.

More on all that – when I get round to sitting my arse down and write!

It’s been an exhausting crazy couple of weeks and one of the few peaceful times I’ve had was running in the early mornings. It doesn’t take as much discipline as it sounds. Jet lag did most of the work getting me wide awake and out of bed at ridiculous times like 6am. So here’s some shots of my tour-running of Mainz (about half an hour from Frankfurt) 3 weeks back. (Yes, after a level of panic that is unprecedented, and with stress and adrenaline levels through the roof, I managed to get myself on another flight.)

Although I was in Mainz for 4 days, I never got a chance to see the sights. By the time work finished, all the shops were closed and the streets emptied. And I’m only talking about 6pm here. :/

Plus I was either too tired or jetlagged to do anything other than collapse into bed at the end of each day.

So once again I did my duty of tour-running at around 7am, which was just as well as I never seemed to have adapted to European time at all throughout the entire week.

Set on the slopes of the river Rhine, Mainz turned out to be a really lovely town. So it was a real shame I didn’t get to go out and about and look around when it is awake and open.

Unsurprisingly, the river turned out to be a very popular running spot. But going through town, it was mostly just me and a street cleaner here or there.

I wish I had time just to sit on a bench and just chill. Back in HK now, I can’t wait to go on a proper holiday…


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