Running: Munich

I don’t think Munich looks like this. So I’m not sure if I should label this Munich.

Nor do I really remember what Munich the city proper actually looks like. But that night we stayed in a hotel that seemed to be in the middle of an industrial park somewhere in Munich. Maybe I should just label it (very) broadly: Germany.

When we set off that morning, I thought: How dreary. We’re running around some large office-industrial complex. But then we rounded a few corners here and there and went behind a line of trees and voila! A never-ending expanse of green laid before us.

I was estatic. This is better than [fill in the blank with whatever we saw in Munich that day]! Big areas of green grass, not to mention land, is hard to come by in Hong Kong. I was determined to spend as much time on the green as possible.

If I have regular access to places like this, I’d have no problem motivating myself to run. Running here through the crisp dry air was just simply enjoyable. You simply ran because you were happy. Like a child, you were just happy to be there. Happy to discover the place. Happy because you know if you didn’t run you would’ve missed this completely.

See? So go on. Go travel running. Or whatever this should be called.

I felt very smug when we got back to the hotel and over breakfast showed people our photos from the run. I went, “Look! We even came across a field of tulips by accident! Look what you’ve missed!”

What they would also not know is that it really wasn’t “a whole field of tulips!” but just a coupla skinny rows. ;)

This was interesting because to the left of these tulips was a big sign with a bucket for money which presumably says something like we can take our pick for 5 euros. So whoever it was was selling tulips on an honor system, which says a lot about the people there.

Landing back in Hong Kong, running has been about stress-relieving and fitness training. The runs have a purpose. I have a goal.

Unlike my travel-runs, they don’t give me the sense of joy, wonder, and satisfaction I get each morning as I set off on a mini-adventure, running into the unknown.

Good news is, I’ll be in Germany the whole of next week and I look forward to lacing up my shoes and discovering what adventures await in Mainz!


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