Running: Milano

Early morning in Milan is great. I’ve been to Milan at least twice before and the sights do get very very busy during the day. Tourists queuing to get into the Duomo. Touts selling Prada knock-offs. Scammers trying to put bracelets on you. Chinese tour groups handbag shopping (which is what a big part of my tour group was really).

But to experience it on a chilly morning, you get to see the regular side of Milan. People out for a morning run. People waiting for the bus. People going to work. Cops chatting on the sidewalk.

There were quite a few runners out and about, and I was surpised to see ads for at least two races in the city.

I think I’m starting to sound like one of those obnoxious runners. You know, like, all they talk about is running. So I should probably clarify that, at home in Hong Kong, I tend to run only once a week. (I’d like to do more, but I’m tired and lazy. Mostly lazy.)

When you’re on a big bus tour group mostly going to places you’ve already been to, with people from work, amongst which the women are obsessed with shopping, buying tens of thousands of dollars worth of handbags and the men either buy the equivalent of Rolexes or are obsessed photography enthusiasts wielding heavy lenses longer than my limbs, it basically just leaves me.

Perhaps I needed my own little purpose for Europe as well? So running it was. Plus, it’s free!

Maybe if I ever go back to the same cities again, I should do night runs instead of mornings. I bet the architecture would look amazing at night. But not sure how safe I’ll feel though.

Later on, during the day, my workmates rendezvous back at our meeting point to meet for lunch. Most came armed with large bags displaying logos of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and the likes. To their surprise, for the first time on the tour, I was swinging a bag from my hand as well. Everyone was curious as to what has so piqued my interest that I actually parted money for it.

I actually bought THREE items: three panties of three different colours. I needed them, and they were on sale. :D


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