Show me the milk!

I was making my regular cup of fight-the-post-lunch-funk tea in the pantry at work when someone else was making one too.

She hands me a full cup of milk: Hey, want some milk?

Me: No it’s ok. I’ve gone my own.

She: Oh ok. I stole this from the fridge. Someone has this big pack of Swiss milk in there.

I went to the fridge and pulled it out: You mean this one?

She: Yep.

Me: It’s mine.

She: Oh.

We laughed. It’s not like I’ve never pinched a bit of milk before. But what I really want to say is, I’ve got a really stingy employer. They provide shitty Lipton black tea bags and powdered coffee creamer. So us lowly employees have resorted to pinching each other’s milk. (I don’t drink coffee so I don’t pay attention to what coffee they have.) It actually took a petition to for them to put in some green tea bags too (Lipton of course).

So sir, telling us to “not just work for [company] or be a part of [company], but we should LIVE [company]!” doesn’t cut it. Sitting in a conference room full of stiff suits watching you give a presentation on how excited we should be about going to work really doesn’t do anything for me.

Show me some milk and we can talk.


One thought on “Show me the milk!

  1. I suspect you should be thankful your boss provides coffee and tea because they can be even stingier just providing hot water and starting laying/firing people off..

    personally, I hope your boss gave you generous benefits and salary…otherwise, I would look for another place of employment.

    in the meantime, consider getting powdered (or no-fridge) form of carnation flavored creamer and stick it in your desk or consider providing and sharing your dairy with your co-workers.

    stash or bigelow available in HK?

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