We’re all racists (or comics, depending the degree of seriousness you’re going to take with these people)

Sometimes, the offensiveness of my mum’s random racist blurbs astonishes me.

On TV, New Zealand was playing against some other team in the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

Dad thought out loud, “Who do you think will win?

I said, “New Zealand.

Mum said, “I’d go for New Zealand too. Coz they’ve got those people…..

You mean the Maoris?

Yes, them. The lazy people.

Lazy people?!

They’re lazy. They don’t work and all they do is rob people and steal stuff and they all get away with it.” She wasn’t complaining, nor was she exclaiming. She was just stating what seems to be a fact.

I was too shocked. Before I can think of something to say, mum has moved on: “Well then, do you want some of these eggs I bought this morning?

I thought about my Maori hockey coaches, who are brilliant people, played in the Olympics, people I have great respect for, and wonder what they’d think of this.


A week or so later, perhaps as karmic reply to mum’s nonsense, we were at training when a ball flew out of the pitch. A kindly passersby picked it up and lobbed it back over the fence for us just as one of the coaches walked by outside. He shouted at me through the fence:

Did you see that?

See what?




I just about fell over myself.


3 thoughts on “We’re all racists (or comics, depending the degree of seriousness you’re going to take with these people)

  1. I thought that last bit was rather funny. :)

    I guess we all have stereotypes, read somewhere that it helps people understand something foreign better.

    I’ve lived in NZ, Australia and now am in Malaysia. The older generation and the really rural folks are the ones who have issues, not the more exposed urban people.

    There’s 3 major races here, with very different religions and dietary restrictions. I think we manage to get along fine, at least in the city. ;)

    • From what I hear, not sure if your 3 races are getting along ok politically? Haha.

      Yes. It’s usually the older generation. But some times I do find country folk more accomodation than city people. I guess city people can see too much of the other races, get sick of them (and people just in general), and put them in stereotypes. Whereas country folk can actually be more open in some sense. Hope you know what I mean!

  2. Usually it is the older generation who have rather radical views of other races…I wonder if due to lack of interaction?

    then again, today’s youth at certain place are worse than the old (in terms of racism) could it because lack of travel?

    I think traveling around the world opens up the eyes and the mind and breaks down stereotypes/racist views of what’s out there…

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