Sunshine, real grass, great food, and 5-star views

A sense of achievement is three girls, when faced with a table full of food…

This wasn't all. We had at least three more dishes coming...

…attack in a feeding frenzy, fingers and all,  and all that was left in the end was a table of empty shells and plates:

I was in Singapore earlier this month for a hockey tournament and as always, one of the highlights was the food. It’s always cheap, tasty, and cheerful. Pop into any random hawker centre or food court in a shopping mall and you’re bound to find something you like. In our case this night, it was lots of chicken wings and a whole of shellfish at the massive Chinatown Food Centre! Highly recommended.

And of course there was hockey.

Awesome view from hotel balcony.

The tourny was on this big grassy field bang right in the middle of the city, and just across from our hotel.

Bright lights. Clear night.

It seems like the more I go to Singapore, the more I appreciate how bright and smart the city is. It just feels like your eyes can see further, everything is just very well placed, and most of all, a lot more greenery than you’d expect from a small city.

We didn’t miss the Merlion this time but that’s about all the sight-seeing we did. We normally do not get a chance to get more than a shopping mall’s distance away from either our hotel or the hockey grounds.

The hockey grounds and the rest of Singapore in the morning.

Can you remember the last time you were on real grass in Hong Kong? We hung out all weekend on proper grass, got very hot, and very sunburnt, but it was all good. We had just endured weeks of grey miserable cold in Hong Kong and the sun was all I wanted!

In action. I'm the one standing around in 30 degrees heat under inches of foam. Lovely.

Heat also means very smelly kit. This is what the balcony of an executive room with a 5-star view is really for:

Other than that, I caught up with some really cool friends, got thrown into a pool, had surprise birthday cakes and worked up a good tan. Now if only I can wake up every morning with a book to this view…


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