The Super Mini GOMAD diet (TM) – GOMAD for women! (TM)

I was going around the office with a grin the other day because I’d just realised that my Super Mini GOMAD gain weight plan was working.

I told a friend about my plan and the results and she looked at me and said, “Listening to you is like listening to someone who’s just won the lottery but is complaining about having too much money and having a headache deciding whether to go to Ibiza or the Maldives next.”

For as long as I can remember I have difficulty putting and keeping weight on. So much so that I am skinny in an ugly way – scrawny with my ribs sticking out and everything.

Then recently, I read about the GOMAD diet – Gallon Of Milk A Day. I think it’s primarily a guy thing – done together with weight-lifting, it’s for scrawny guys wanting to build bulk and muscle on the cheap (no need to pay premium for powdered protein drinks). I thought, hey I can do with some bulk and muscle too, so why not.

Not that I can drink one flippin’ gallon of milk a day though. That’s FOUR litres! Who drinks four litres of anything in one day anyways? At the same time I also read about the importance of protein in the mornings and protein before bed. So I went on my adapted Super Mini GOMAD diet (who knows, maybe I can market this as “GOMAD for women!”), which basically means I just eat more whole eggs and full-fat milk in addition to my usual food.

Here’s a typical weekday:

Morning: 2 hard boiled eggs + 1 glass milk + whatever I usually have for breakfast pre-GOMAD (e.g. bread, croissant etc)

Mid-morning: Whatever snack I can get my hands on (biscuits, granola bar, banana…) + Ovaltine w/ milk

Lunch: Whatever lunch (usually something rice or something noodles) + tea w/ milk (I know, tea with milk is not new, nor is it much. But I like to count everything so I feel like I’m DRINKING SO MUCH MILK!)

Afternoon: Whatever snack (at this time of the day, usually something unhealthy ( cookies, chocolate, cake…) + 1 glass milk

Immediately after sports: 1 small pack chocolate milk

Dinner: Anything (rice, noodles, burger, seafood…) (Hey, I need break from milk ok?)

Just before bed: 1 glass milk

And voila! In about 9 days, I’ve put on at least 5 pounds!

(I don’t know exactly. I don’t have scales at home and I didn’t weigh myself before starting. I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of this actually. I don’t even know exactly when I started drinking all this milk! But based on what my usual weight is and the scale at the pool, that’s how much I’ve gained. And just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke with those scales, I had the rest of my swim group weigh themselves on it too and they all testify that it’s accurate, so voila! I was happy as a bunny afterwards.)

I initially thought I was gonna throw up milk at some point, but it’s kinda become a habit now and I’ve gotten used to it. I just feel full all the time though. I’m throwing in some bodyweight exercises and swimming harder to try and put on some real meat on my upper body, instead of just gobbly fat. Kinda excited to see if I’ll keep on piling on the weight! Woop!


10 thoughts on “The Super Mini GOMAD diet (TM) – GOMAD for women! (TM)

  1. haha can’t say I have ever tried to put on weight, although I would love to put on lots more muscle. But milk kind of makes me want to hurl, it seems I am intolerant so I would DIE trying to do what you are doing! Good luck :)

  2. I can certainly feel the weight on me now……esp. when I run and stuff. Everything takes more effort now!

    Do strength training to build muscle. You probably know this already. But if you don’t have access to a gym/hate gyms/or are just lazy, just do body-weight exercises at home. I find them challenging enough as they are without dumb-bells and what not! Just google body-weight exercises and you should find things you can do easy-peasy in your bedroom. :)

    • Haha! I’m always pleasantly surprised to find that people still read my old posts. :)

      My “glass” varies depending on what’s available. At home, I have a pint glass (16 oz), so that’s how much I drink each time.

      In the office, I only have a mug, so I chug a mug each time.

      I’ve since half-stopped doing it, for no other reason than that I’ve just been lazy. I say “half” because it kinda also stuck into a habit. I don’t do it religiously now like I did in the beginning – a glass in the morning, a glass in the afternoon, a glass after running, etc. But I do now find myself reaching for a glass of milk in the mornings and afternoon. Not sure if that does anything other than just having a healtier drink than coke!?

      Would be interesting to see how you do!

  3. Well done! Congrats girl! I am gonna try it as well haha, I am petite, I have a small waist, round hips BUT I’m skinny, I’m aiming for a little bit bigger arms, bigger butt and bigger thighs and hips, so wish me luck! But once again I loved reading it and I thought I was the only girl willing to try GOMAD! Congrats once again and hope you get the body you want!

    • Haha. That’s awesome! I don’t know ANY girl who’s trying to put on weight/bulk at all. So this is cool!

      Ever since I wrote that, I’ve laid it off because I really just can’t drink as much milk as I drink water. But the habit has kinda stuck with me and I find myself conciously trying to sneak in a glass of milk here and there whenever I can. Good luck!

    • I have gone up and down and gained and then lost them all and then gained and lost again.

      Over the years, I’ve learnt that my body functions like it has a threshold. I’ll gain a few kilos. And then as if my body says that’s enough, something will happen, like I’ll get really ill with the flu or bronchitis or something and I’ll lose everything. Then the cycle starts again.

      So I’ve kinda given up really trying to put on much weight…because I’d rather not have to be ill again?! Wierd but true.

      > Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 05:32:15 +0000 > To: >

  4. Omg I’m the same way. Every time I put on a couple pounds, I get sick and lose it again. It just sucks cuz I used to weigh more in high school and now I look super anorexic and can’t seem to gain a pound no matter how hard I try. Maybe if I give up, I’ll gain weight :/

    • WOW! I never thought that there’s someone out there like me!

      Everytime I tell anyone about my weird gain-weight-get-sick-lose-it-all thing, people just look at me wierd. Haha.

      Yeah, I think I’m just going to be more chill about it. I mean, really, I’d rather not be ill you know.

      > Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 06:37:09 +0000 > To: >

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