Perfume Hell

Up until about a week ago, I’ve been suffering from morning bouts of sneezing.

The flatmate smashed her brand new bottle of Hermes perfume in the flat around the middle of last month. I wanted to be cheeky and say something like she’ll have 10 years of bad luck and will never get laid, but it seems like if anyone was getting any bad luck, it was me.

I hate perfume. It could be an allergy, or maybe I just have a really sensitive nose. If I have my way, everything I use would be unscented. I walk through the ground floor of department stores holding my breath. I would flip through the pages of women’s magazines at arm’s length because the scent of their smelly perfume samples seeps through the pages and into the air at you. The overpowering smells of cosmetics and what I like to call toilet water makes my nose stuffy.

I didn’t really sneeze at the smell of perfume until my flatmate starts walking out of her room each morning in a jumper that seems to have been soaked in Hermes overnight.

Nasty was banned from wearing perfume. The next guy was banned from wearing perfume too. Coincidentally, the day I said that he smelled nice was the day he wasn’t actually wear any toilet water.

The smell in the flat is now gone, but I’m too polite to tell the her that she’s made me hate Hermes perfume forever. Every morning, she spritzes herself with the stuff before setting off. I usually leave before her, so it’s fine. But if I’m late and she goes first, the first thing I do once she’s out is to shut her smelly door. :)

A friend at work told me that it takes two years for the smell to truly go away. Now, I’m not sure whether the reason I’m not smelling it anymore is because the smell has really gone away or if it’s because I’ve gotten used to it already. Either way, the result is still positive: Perfume Hell no more! :D


4 thoughts on “Perfume Hell

  1. Hmm… I am not a massive perfume fan but I do love Hermes ones. Having said that I do feel for you. Once I wore a really strong perfume (I only did 1 spritz, and I used to like that smell), and it almost suffocated me on the train (apologies to fellow commuters!).

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