Ice-cream, straight from the nipple

This could make for a good horror movie, set in Thailand too no less: sick dude stuff nursing mums into freezers. Tada! Instant all natural ice-cream.

Sorry, that is admittedly sick. But not as bad as the Human Centipede I think. I’m surprised they even made a sequel.

Anywhooo, I was in Hua Hin (Thailand) just before the Christmas holidays.

Besides from finding inappropriate ways to eat ice-cream, we also….

…went to the Hua Hin Vineyards where the fine for picking is 2000 Baht. My friend picked anyways. She said they were sweet.

…sat in the cool of the vineyard restaurant while we watch two guests ride an elephant under the scorching sun – a white man hovers under an umbrella while the lady next to him burns.

…brought some wine back to the resort pool. The Monsoon Valley Chenin Blanc is one of the best white wines I’ve ever had. Either that or it was the effect of being on holiday. Who knew Thai wine can be so good?

So good, in fact, not long after this photo was taken, I promptly knocked the entire bottle to the ground, smashing it quite evenly I must say. Luckily for us, we’d emptied it by then.

But mostly, we just lounged around the pool. It was the Anantara Resort Hua Hin if you’re interested. Not much of a beach to speak of. Night life in town consists mostly of Colonel Sanders types with skinny girls 20 years their junior. (Hey, just sayin’) But the night markets are awesome, vineyard definitely worth a visit, wine is good, and the resort is bliss. I don’t ask for much else really.


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