Just came back from my first run of the year. Also the first since my 6-month long foot injury.

On the way back, I stopped by a bakery-cafe, pulled a slightly damp $50 from under my sock and got myself a hot cup of tea and a dark chocolate eclair. I have to say, it’s a surprisingly self-satisfying way to spend the afternoon on the first day of the new year. :)

(In case you’re interested, I made sure the lady didn’t see me pulling my cash from the bottom of my shoe. Mum is right – you never know where money’s been.)

Carrying my booty on the way home, a woman is trying to get a teenager to put on a coat. The girl didn’t want to. And like all good Chinese elders, what do you do? You scare them. “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE OF THE COLD”, the woman says, just as I walked by in my t-shirt and shorts. Granted, I would normally not be out and about in t-shirt and shorts this time of the year, but the woman eyed me. I glanced at the teenager and secretly hope I’ve given her a case for argument. I decided not the stick around.

So…2011 is over! I’m glad it’s over and this is a brand spanking new start!

I did quite a few awesome things in the past year, notably diving Sipadan and moving out of my parents’ place. But it’s been emotionally difficult and I look forward to putting all that behind me.

Most of all, I realise that I’m over Nasty. Is that mean to say? I don’t think so. It feels GREAT. AWESOME. Do I still think about him? Yes. Do I still care? Yes. But I’m no longer bogged down and tied up emotionally and I feel like skipping through grassland and wriggling in a bouncy castle because ditching emotional baggage is that fantastic.

I got a new hiking backpack for Christmas. It’s about time coz I’ve been going up and down hills with a very soggy and uncomfortable pack that’s not designed for long sweaty hours on my shoulders. It’s even got one of those hydration systems where you can just suck out liquid from your inside pack using a connecting tube that sits right in your front. A big fancy version of drinking out of a very long straw really but it’s great and makes me feel like a pro.

I’ve given a theme to 2012 for myself: Control and Consistency. It’s about realising that I am in control of my time and my life and it’s about time I take hold of it and use it to do what I want to do as best I can. No more blaming this and that, no more excuses. I am very very good at not doing and not choosing. As in, I’m not going to decide because I’m too lazy so I’ll just sit back, fold my arms and see what happens. Usually, what happens is lost opportunities and not achieving.

Consistency: I have goals but like everyone I get very enthusiastic about them at first, then something happens or work gets too busy and then I stop doing anything for them. Then after a few months I remember and I pick them back up again, having to start from scratch. I need to be consistent, and I need to not allow set backs to delay me for months. Going back to the starting line again and again is not progress.

Physically, it’s very important that I be consistent with my strength and conditioning exercises. I can’t just do them on and off. They are the whole foundation to keeping me injury-free and thereby allowing myself to do all the activities I want to do. Barring accidents, I do not want my own laziness and stupidity to cost me fun activities and holidays.

Control and Consistency. (Ask me about it in two months if I still remember, bu there’s always hope.) Here’s to a brand new happy start!

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