dear children: don’t grow up to be a cynic

The problem with trying to go on holiday by yourself is that invariably all great holiday deals require two adults travelling together.

If you want to book a single room, you’re hit with the “single surcharge”.

Since when are lone travellers wanting a bit of lux discriminated against?

I’ve spent so much of my lone travels staying in hostels that I didn’t realise getting a bit of pimp and pampering is so difficult when you’re alone.

Did you know that all Cathay Holidays require two travellers? Is a single person travelling not a holiday?

Are single people forever resigned to hostel beds?

I spent last week in Singapore and for five days I had on a jacket and scarf and wondered out loud why I ever thought Singapore was a tropical country.

The problem with business travel is that you spend so much time in hotels, offices, restaurants and hotel-adjoined malls that it makes no difference where in the world you are – you’re always cold.

My body can only take so much of artic-inspired air-conditioning before I fall ill. And so it happened that I spent most of the week in various combinations of upset stomach, stomach ache, sore throat, tiredness and just general chills.

Here I am complaining in the same breath that I can’t get a decent deal on a holiday in a tropical resort and that I’ve just spent an all-expenses paid week in a nice hotel in a tropical country and all it did was made me ill.

So this is what it’s come down to. When you were a child riding your bicycle around the block, did you ever think that one day when you’re all grown up, this is what you’ll spend lots of time thinking about? That as an adult, instead of writing up your next grand plan on how to bring extinct animals back to life or how to regenerate islet cells to cure type 2 diabetes, all you’ll really be concerned about is what sort of cheap holiday you can get your hands on  and how you should really forget your ex-boyfriend and if you should get on with this new guy that treats you so well that it seems like everyone around you has fallen in love with him except for you?

Dear child, you’ve become a very cynical person. Life might not be all you’d hope it would be, but it is by no means a reason to lay down your guns and give up on big dreams, happiness, and love.

Count your blessings – like how you bought fabulous new shoes at Changi Airport at an awesome duty-free price. Now isn’t that something?!

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