Just like Xena

“I’d like to believe in a parallel universe. Or many parallel universes.”

“What would you be in a parallel universe?”

“Mmmm…I don’t know….I’d be some type of adventure-explorer. I’ll be a princess warrior maybe.”

“You mean like Xena?”

“Yeah, like Xena.”

“What’d you do then? Go around chopping people’s heads off?”

“No….maybe I’ll just go around riding a lot of horses.”

Half an hour of horse riding made me want to be like Xena, although all I really did was go round and round in a circle. Or more precisely, an oval sand pit.

Like a fairground ride, except that my horse was big and real and I had a trainer continuously telling me to sit up straight or relax my shoulders or open my knees or stick out my arse or lean back or lower my hands or drop my heels, amongst the various many other things I realise one is supposed to be doing instead of just sitting on the darned horse.

At HK$450 for 30 minutes, it’s definitely a hobby for those better off, but I can’t help thinking that a riding holiday would be really really cool.


One thought on “Just like Xena

  1. Hmmmmm. I never took to riding. I remember when I was small I was friends with some horse fanatics and once they asked me to go riding, and I assumed they meant bike riding, even though I knew they were horse fanatics (my intellect was apparently not so sharp) and was utterly terrified when put on this horse and got thrown around. Nobody explained to me to go with the motion of the horse. I have never really done it since!

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