blind date

It was only after I agreed to a blind date did I realize I’ve never been on a blind date before.

And then I also realized I’ve never actually been ditched after a first date. It’s like job interviews when you really think about it. You’re just interviewing each other for the job of boyfriend/girlfriend. I’m quite successful at job interviews, so I suppose that translates into first-date skills too.

So you can say I have a 100% success rate.

But, as they say, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Like the surgeon who tells her patient that she has a 100% success rate when she’s really only done one surgery, in reality it just means I don’t really go on dates (or job interviews for that matter) afterall.


Tell you what, I actually combed my hair for it. (Which in my world means I actually made an effort.)


He opens doors for me. He holds my trash for me. He texts me jokes so funny I blurt out laughing in the middle of the escalator. He goes out of his way to find me my favourite dessert. I walk incredibly slow, and for the first time since forever, instead of pulling me along, someone else finds it relaxing too. He picks me up at work even though it’s out of his way. A few dates later, he calls me his girlfriend. I said I don’t want to rush it, and he said that’s ok.


To have someone adore you, treat you well, and be over the moon for you – what else can you ask for? In so many ways, he gave me what Nasty did not. Yet most days, I just want to go play ball, go home, make dinner, watch a show, and go to bed. I’ve got a routine going and I’m not sure I’m ready to be anyone’s girlfriend right now. Sometimes, like, tonight, I just want to be alone.


4 thoughts on “blind date

  1. And being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to give up all the time for yourself. For example: My boyfriend and I live together, but every sunday he’s away from morning till afternoon and as much as I love my boyfriend, I also really love that lonely sunday, to just do as I please! ;-)

  2. P: Yes he is a great guy. According to my married workmate, we really don’t see guys like that in HK much anymore. But I don’t know what i want. I think it’s too soon. Too soon since Nasty, too soon that I’m someone’s girlfriend again. Maybe I just want things simple for now. And things are simpler when it’s just me?

    S: Yes that is true! But right now I’ve got so much going on I don’t even have time to myself. I feel like I’m always going somewhere to do something or see somebody. I know I kinda packed my schedule on purpose to keep my mind busy….maybe I’ve overdone it again!

  3. No, even that sounds normal. I also went to a period that I filled up to keep my mind busy… but… when that one good guy comes along… it’s time to prioritize again. What is important to you? Good luck figuring that out. And take your time.

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