Apparently, I’m an idiot.

In fact, I’m so much an idiot that my friends have thrown their hands up and go, “You know what, be an idiot. Suit yourself.”

I’m an idiot, you see, because I spent 3-4 years (I can’t tell. Depends whether you count the times we’ve been apart, and whether you count the past year) in a relationship with a prick and I still care about him. And us.

When you end a relationship with a prick, I’m told, you’re not supposed to be upset for long because a prick is not worth being upset over.

I guess that’s true for everyone else, because it’s everyone else who sees him as a prick.

But I don’t.

Which, to those very everyone else, makes me even more of an idiot.


I went to the cash machine to get some money. I left without taking my cash.

There you go.


10 thoughts on “idiot

  1. no, you are *NOT* an idiot (*hugs*) …it’s only human to have feelings even from those you just broke up with…then again, former b-friends could still be friends, isn’t it?

    however, I think you need either more caffeine/sleep or get whatever is bother you out in the open because your mind is not there-> given you leave cash at the ATM.

    stay cool (the weather pretty darn warm…)

  2. I am guessing your friends are calling him a prick in an effort to make you feel better and move on? It wouldn’t work for me either, not one bit. If you love someone it is because they are not a prick to you.

  3. well, when do u start being so care about what other ppl think??? he is a jerk, no doubt about it. but who cares? how you feel about him is none of other business. if u like to be like that, suit yourself. but as ur fd, i just wanna say, u needa move on no matter he is with u or not. so, pick urself up and live ur own life.

    • Cora, this is why I don’t talk to you about it. You don’t end a relationship with someone you love and then just “pick yourself up and live your own life”. Or at least I can’t. I will move on. I have done this before. But I’m doing it…..the slow way. Whatever.

      Nasty: She’s calling you a jerk. Are you reading this?

      Ok, that sounds incredibly sad.

      • no one asks u to to move on NOW, u can take ur time or do whatever u want, dwell in the past as long as u want, but just finally u still have to move on. Yes, i never end relationship with someone, but doesnt mean what i am saying is wrong. besides, relationship isnt the only thg in the world that is hard to get over. so dont bullshit me about i dont understand how u feel. the thing is, after living for 30 yrs, the only thg i learn about life is that nothing is easy. NOTHING. now no one says its easy and no one is expecting u to do anythg about it. this is your life, do whatever u want. but we only live once and life is short. as ur fd, and as i always tell others, why dont live in a way that makes urself happier, if u could choose.

        Nasty: well, yes, i called u a jerk. i think it doesnt hurt, coz u knew it urself. :P

    • Book is awesome. You need to read it. Very vivid and rich.

      I made the mistake of watching the movie right after finishing the book. I agree, it sucked big time. Only consolation is Robert Pattinson’s face and hairy eyebrows I suppose. :)

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