What DO they teach in 6th grade?

A woman at work was complaining about having to take the afternoon off to go to her daughter’s primary school graduation.

I said, in all my work-world weariness, “Just tell your kid: By the time you’re thirty, you won’t remember a thing about your primary school graduation. It won’t matter any more.  Look, I don’t remember mine at all, so that proves something.”

The news has been festered with kids’ high school entrance exam results and parents running around trying to get them into the better schools. Obviously the woman has had enough and don’t fancy yet another similarly-themed afternoon.

Later that night, I suddenly remembered why I don’t know anything about graduating from primary school –

I never did.

I never finished. I never went to 6th grade.

In all the hullabaloo of moving countries and switching schools, the fact that I completely missed 6th grade got lost amongst all my teachers, principals, school administrators, and of course my parents.

Sometimes, I’d like to think that I was ultra-smart. I jumped straight into high school from 5th grade! I must be some child genius!

Yet sometimes, I attribute my embarassingly poor math skills to all those missed classes. I’m convinced that they teach some super secret math shortcuts during that year, which is why I can’t calculate for shit.

I mean, really, what DO they teach in 6th grade?

But hey, I’ve grown up to be a (quite) functioning adult, so I couldn’t have missed that much. So kids, here’s the take home message (as they like to say in the corporate world):

1) Don’t listen to adults. They obviously have no idea what they’re talking about. (And go to your graduation. Chances are you’ll remember it better than if you didn’t.)

2) It’s fine to skip school. I’m living proof that you can skip an entire year of school and still turn out pretty decent. :)



13 thoughts on “What DO they teach in 6th grade?

  1. Hell yeah, kids. Listen to this lady. She turns out to be more than alright. She can do accents, catch balls, hike, dive, live, love, you name it! :-) Dora, you sure this blog is kids friendly, though? haha!

    • DD. You flatter me. I’m not really all that together you know….heh.

      And since when do kids visit kid-friendly sites? I bet the more kid-unfriendly it is, the more they’d want to look. :)

      • Haha … DorDor Nobody is all together one lah …. and that makes life more interesting, I think. What’s there to write, paint, sing, see, etc if everything is perfect. No princess to be saved, no villain to be killed, life will be a boring adventure for sure.

        That’s true … unless the kids were like me … no internet to use then. Haha!

      • Hah. So next time shit happens, I’d just go “Wah, my life is so interesting!”

        ;) Just kidding. You do have a point. Haha

      • Haha. Yes, Dora. You can say that. Or anytime if you can’t see how your shit can be interesting, I am interested to re-see your shit and see how it can be interesting. If can’t then … let’s drink to it lah

      • Haha. Bring it on. You can first unload them through emails, you know, so it won’t be overweight! :) I’m so ready. My beers, stout and wines are ready! Haha
        BTW, Tongie complained. You haven’t replied her email, she said.

      • What email?! Didn’t get any from her! Seriously, something’s going on. I’m not getting some and people aren’t getting mine!!! Tell her to send again please….

      • OMG!
        Stupid Tongie!!!! She didn’t press “reply all” -________________-” How Tong can Tong be eh??????
        But as I’m typing this she said,”Dora, your email got problem. Please fix it.”

        I am going to send it again …. fainted. stupid Tong!!!!!!

  2. I’ve always thought school is a place to give parents a break from the kids, legitamitely. ok, I am being cynical. I do think school is useful for kids to learn how to interact with people, but not so much in terms of what they teach.

    • Does that apply to uni? Given that I’m not even applying my university education at my workplace….maybe I could’ve skipped an entire lifetime of education? :)

      • Hmm… that’s difficult. We had that debate the other day. I do think uni is a great place to figure out what people want, meet great people, try weird stuff and do all crazy things you otherwise won’t. But having said that, I spent most of my uni years studying and only started doing fun things afterwards… I think uni is great for some, but not essential for everyone..

  3. aside from the academic aspects, university is time for those who learn how to live independently and socialize as adults
    (aside from the little PRC princlings where the whole family shows up once a week to clean after the princling…)

    while primary and secondary school (or elemenentary/middle/high school) is for children to learn how to socialize with each other…

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