The case of hair-ties and lip balms

I’m not sure if I believe in God. But I firmly believe that there is a deep dark crevice somewhere at the bottom of our planet where all my hair-ties and lip balm most inevitably, slowly, slip to and get eaten up.

Creatures live there. The greedy little beings mostly devour my hair-ties, never to be seen again.

Whereas for the lip balms, they don’t really have a need for them. But they use them to play torturous and dangerous games with me. Whenever I need them, like on holiday, on a beach, or on a hike, they are never to be found. The evils ones take them and then only to place them in a different bag to surface immediately after I’ve finished needing them.

They’re mean I tell you. Perhaps an evil species bred by the lip balm industry, for I usually end up buying yet another stick. SPF-labelled. Protection from the sun. And what would you know, this brand new stick will then yet again disappear until the end of my holiday.

It’s some powerful evil force, ladies and gentlemen. Believe it.


7 thoughts on “The case of hair-ties and lip balms

  1. Haha! Come … will supply you with some TheFaceShop lip balm for stocking up. As for the hair-ties …. May be you can ask Tong to give you supplies of elastics!

  2. Totally agree – those lip-balm-stealing creatures around me tend to return my lip balms after they have stolen 5 though, which means I will suddenly find myself having 6 lip balms (and will therefore feel guilty)

    • Maybe we could start a Church of Lost Hair-ties and Lip Balms where we, umm, pray for them back. We’ll sing hymns and hope they stay well in the Crevice until they find their way back to us. We could also hold Confessionals where we confess how we never took good care of them in the first place, so maybe they all just ran away.

      Ok. Long day at work. Needed to write something nonsensical. :)

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