Diving – Sipadan Water Village

It’s evening time here and I’ve just come back from my first dive in a year.

True to my fears, the first 10 minutes of diving, my thoughts were:

I hate diving. I’m never coming back.

Then I calmed down and I was all:

Hey, I’m doing pretty good!

I’m here at the Sipadan Water Village. A resort built on wooden stilts on Mabul (island). There’s no beach but water crystal clear as far as the eye can see, with coral teeming with life just off our balconies.

What I find amazing is, there are no mosquitos here. At night, you just open all your windows and all the doors to your wide balcony and you really just sleep right on top of the sea. Can’t think of a better way to spend a summer night…


7 thoughts on “Diving – Sipadan Water Village

  1. Wow! Amazing views! Really ….. looking at the photos already feel so tranquil. Can’t imagine to actually be there and experience it all in :) Glad you made it. What a great break you deserve. How’s your foot? weightlessness helps indeed? :) Bet when your mind is so rested, your foot will be too! :)

    • Yeah, it was tranquil…..until this big ass storm broke in the middle of the night! That’s when sleeping right on top of the sea isn’t fun! Grrrr…

      Foot doesn’t seem to realise it’s on holiday and it should just stop flippin hurting. Must be all the climbing in and out of boats with a heavy tank and all the gear on my back, it thinks it’s back at work….

      • Aiyah!!! You better rest well when you are back in HK! Don’t make it worked too hard again! Still need you to be back in SG and try other beers!

  2. Wow. Wish I dared to dive, I have a morbid fear of Things In The Rocks With Teeth (mainly the murray eels or whatever those things are that documentaries say have much meaner personalities than the sharks…)

    And your comment on my blog… So was I.

  3. Jeeeez I can’t tell you how jealous I am of you right now. When the boyfriend’s parents retire I need to come back to this post for Malaysia tips for when I visit them.

    • Yeah, I think there’s lots to explore around Sabah, I’d love to come back again one of these days and do some other stuff too. Maybe climb Mt. Kinabalu.

      Right off the resort I’m staying at, we can see another dive “resort” that’s converted from an oil rig. It looks ultra cool and it’s got a lift that goes under water! Not as fancy but it’ll be an experience…

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