Every step I take…(warning: one big sorry rant)

I have become a very miserable person.

I’ve been walking around in pain for a few weeks now, with my left foot under variations of the above taping by my physio.

When it first started hurting and I was told to rest, it was a welcome but guilty reprieve from the training I’ve been (attempting) to do for my first half-marathon. Awesome! I no longer have to fight a mental war every night I get off work! Dinner will now regain its rightful place in my day!

A few weeks on, it is seriously getting me down. I can’t even walk to the bathroom without feeling it with every step.

Plus, going around the office in your work clothes and running shoes is as unglamorous as one can get. It’s flippin hot and I can’t wear a skirt. Last time I wore a skirt with running shoes, I was in highschool. Look, I’m not the type to fuss about what I wear, but I think pencil skirt + running shoes is just downright frumpy.

I can’t hike. I can’t play hockey. I can’t do rugby. And those are really the only things I do outside of work.

When I get home, I collapse onto the floor with an ice pack on my foot. I’m too weary from the pain to bring myself to do all the things around our new flat that needs to be done.

What makes it worst is the (expensive) physiotherapy and exercises I’m assigned to do each week doesn’t seem to be working. If I’m seeing at least some progress, I can be more optimistic about it.

So I am now in a Very Miserable Dump. This might sound like one big rant (which it admittedly is), but if you do a lot of sports yourself, you’d know that when a sportsperson can’t play, it feels like the end of the world.

Ok, yes. So I’m feeling sorry for myself. *pity* *pity*

Now excuse me while I go find someone else to pity me.


16 thoughts on “Every step I take…(warning: one big sorry rant)

  1. sorry to hear you are injured, hope you are feeling better (lots of motrin helps, you can take up to 800mg 2x-3x a day if necessary).

    I have a feeling that you ramped up your training a little too quick or you injuried yourself and not letting it recover…I know it sucks to have a foot injury and especially when it is hot out…

    your muscles in pain is the body’s way to strengthen itself…but you need to give it its rest and recovery..

    hope you can finish your half-marathon, good luck

  2. Ohhh so sorry… I have a back problem and really hate seeing the chiropractor regularly too… And I would be really depressed to wear pencil skirts with running shoes. And not be able to fix up my home. And…. sorreeee!

    ps: Would city shorts with the running shoes, or comfy leather sandals like Dr Scholl’s etc help a little bit?

  3. Have you tried chinese sin-sehs? I also think physiotherapy sounds like a waste of $ when I had my back pain! How did you hurt yourself? Sigh … hope you will be okay soon and do what you love to do!

  4. forgot to add one thing, have you tried a chinese chiropractor (鐵打醫生) instead? looks like you either been there or trying over the counter patches.

    it may be a foot sprain

  5. Aw, thanks guys!

    I actually have plantar fasciitis – which I learnt is an inflammation of the tendon underneath your foot. It connects to your achilles tendon and your calf muscle and all that.

    I massively sprained this foot about 10 years ago and it’s been weaker than the other ever since. Also doesn’t help since I’m flat-footed. There wasn’t one particular incident that caused this. It just gradually hurt more the more I run.

    So I’m prescribed exercises to strengthen my weaker lower leg muscles, stretches to lengthen some other muscles, and some other stuff to strengthen my hips since they all somehow come together to create this Very Miserable Dump.

    And they are a chore to do.

    I haven’t seen a Chinese chiropractor for this (yet) coz my experiences with them havenn’t been too positive. DD, I assume your “Chinese sin-seh” is the same? But my phsyio gives me acupuncture (I am TERRIFIED) as well as ultrasound, so for now it looks like I’m getting the whole flippin lot. (Or at least my money’s worth!)

    Aileen, yes, I think I’ll need to invest in some very supportive but decent-looking work-shoes-that-goes-with-skirts….

    • I had v bad foot swelling during pregnancy, bot shiny black Bally loafers with silver buckle (that another colleague quite senior to me then borrowed for the duration of her pregnancy, we swap clothes a lot during pregnancy so you can still wear / “afford” nice pretty things when you are an elephant) and a pair of dark yellowish-brown snakeskin moccasins that i still wear a lot… Get lotsa compliments and then I tell them it was from my “maternity wardrobe” :P

  6. Oui. The “sin-seh” = the chinese chiro.
    Geez .. your physio gave you acupuncture too? How is it?
    Really hope you will get better soon. How come you don’t get sick leave for all these? :o

  7. hey i know a quite good Chinese chiropractor in sheungshui (well, i know its q far away for u, but i have been seeing him whenever i sprained my ankle or wrist or whatever since i was a kid, i highly recommend…usually 3 visits can treat normal sprained ankle, but for ur case, it might take longer time). I can bring u there when i come back hk or i can give u the address if you need.

  8. Cora: CHOI! I’d be damned if I’m still hobbling around when I see you. If that happens, I’ll blame you and give you a big wack on the head. ;)

    DD: I hate acupuncture. I don’t like needles basically. And no matter how small they are, acupuncture is really just needles. The first time he did it, I writh and flailed around like a dying whale. He learned his lesson and now gives me a (v. painful) massage first to desensitize me before he plunges the nasty little buggers into my leg. I think I’ve gotten more accustomed to it cos he was well impressed when I didn’t even flinch (or scream) this weekend.

    Aileen: Aiya. Looks like I should go look around for maternity footwear?! Haha…

    • Can’t believe the sporty and super tough you scared of needle haha! Glad you add the (v painful) towards the massage. If not my mind will wander …. First the moving man … then the physiotherapist … hhmm …

  9. LOL. I’m not sure you guys get the impression I’m tough. I’m actually scared of A LOT of things.

    Hahaha…since you mentioned the moving man, I perhaps should add that my physio isn’t bad on the eyes either. (That doesn’t mean I enjoy seeing him though! As a matter of fact, I hope I never have to see him again!)

    • Haha … I thought all sporty people = tough haha! Now I know it’s a bad generalization. So what else are you afraid of besides the tiny mini needle :p “A LOT” sounds a bit exaggerated lerrrrrrrrr (hope u miss singlish :p)

      -_-” Physio isn’t bad either?
      Can’t help to think you chose them for a “good” reason :D

  10. dora,
    I am not surprised that you injured yourself seems like you went from active to extremely active. have your guy apply some alcohol or liquid anthestic before applying the needle (maybe you are hypersensitive pain receptors?) speaking of needles, at least they are better than the hot heated jars they stick you with, then pulled out of you when they cool down somewhat…there are chinese chicopractors everywhere in hong kong, especially in the older/lower income areas (wan chai, north point, sheung wan, kwun tong, mong kok, shum shui po, sai kung, etc.)

    sprained my ankle as a kid jumping down 10-15 steps of stairs, still paying for it since, that leg more suspitble (sp?) to sprains.

    just rest up and restrenghten your legs when you are not in pain…man man lay la :)

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