Budgie smugglers

Over dinner with a bunch of girls:

Kiwi: …and he wore budgie smugglers!

Me: What’s a budgie smuggler?

Saffa: Think speedos.

Me: Oh ok. Why is it called a budgie smuggler?

Kiwi: Because they’re so small and tight it’s like they’re trying to smuggle budgies!


I had 18 people laughing hysterically at me.

Saffa: *holds out hand with thumb and index finger about an inch apart*

Cue more hysterical laughing.

Me: What is this?! New Zealand English?!

Brit: It’s Hong Kong English! It’s everywhere English!

I look at one of the only other locals at the table. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. Hong Kong or not, we’ve both never heard of the term.

Have you? I don’t think I’m that “awwwww sheltered” – in the words of one who patted my head as he said it. (Note to self: Watch out. People will comment and say, you gotta be kidding me right? EVERYONE knows the term!)

P.S. As per the Kiwis and Saffas, is there an equivalent term for the English?


4 thoughts on “Budgie smugglers

  1. Yes! As a Saffa we call the English Pommies or Poms. As to budgies, the word is short for budgierigar, the small pet birds, all colourful, green and yellow and stuff. I think they are indigenous to Aus and New Zealand? Not sure. My gran had a pet budgie. I am not sure I am familiar with using “budgie smugglers” for a speedo, but it is a pretty awesome and descriptive name! I have heard “banana hammock” myself.

    • Well, no one told me anything about birds! haha. According to what I was told, a budgie is apparently a small penis. (Hence the hysteria to my question.) I only found out about birds when I got home and googled it…..

      Banana hammocks?! Never heard of that either. Though I think budgie smugglers sound better. :)

      Pommies huh? Don’t think I’ve ever heard it used. I wonder why it’s not as common as say, Kiwis and Saffas? Probably just in my part of the world of course. This was once an English colony afterall and I don’t suppose they call themselves Poms right??!

  2. I think you havebeen hanging out with too many Brits :) The french call them roast beef, which I find really funny, but then they call the French frogs so all is fair in love and prejudice.

  3. The past few days, I’ve been thinking that the French call small penises “roast beef”. I thought that was a bit odd, but what the hell, with budgies and hammocks and all, right?

    It’s only occurred to me now that you probably mean the French call the BRITS “roast beef”!!

    (I’m having a major moment of embarassment with myself here.)

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