hovel in the city

Hong Kong is famous for its skyline. (Though we might soon be just as infamous for not being able to see through for the smog.)

My family lives on one of the further edges of Hong Kong, so we’re used to having (comparatively) airy surrounds, open(er) space and playgrounds downstairs,  and seeing the ocean from our windows. (Oh, and long commutes.)

We marvel at the density of Hong Kong Island from the Peak, but I never knew what it’s like to live right in the middle of all that. How is it to live in one of the lesser peach and bleah buildings that make up the background of the shiny structures that take prime spots on our postcards?

Forget the expensive views of the high-rises of Mid-Levels, Pokfulam or Happy Valley. Check out the view from my room at the hovel:

An English woman once told me she hated Hong Kong because it felt too claustrophobic. I know what she’s talking about now.

But for being less than 20mins to work, I’ll have to love it.


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