Blurry blobs of people and some ovalish thing

Every summer, I try to do something different. This summer, it looks like I’ve picked up rugby.

It’s been great fun. Being with a different crowd and having no pressure to perform. I’m crap at rugby and no one gives a shit. Brilliant!

That is until the guy said that we’re not allowed to wear glasses. “What!?”

“What’s your eye-sight?”

“Uh. 500 I guess?”

“Take them off then!”

I had no idea we can’t wear glasses in rugby.


I managed by recognizing blobs of humanoid forms in the different team colours. I couldn’t see the try line on the other end. I told my teammates if I was lucky enough to make a run for it with the ball, can someone please yell out and let me know when I’ve crossed the line?

Turns out that wasn’t needed at all. I couldn’t see enough to dodge people. I couldn’t focus. I’d see a blur of an opponent in front of me which I should try and avoid. But my vision wasn’t clear enough for my brain to plot an alternate route or glance around for options. It’s like skiing downhill in a whiteout and trees popping out in my field of vision too late for me to stop myself. That leaves only one possibility – I get tackled.

I’ve never worn contacts and have managed to get away with it despite of full face helmets, dive masks, and the lot. I just don’t see the appeal of poking things into my eyes.

But with rugby, looks like I’m finally stuck. What to do. What to do?


5 thoughts on “Blurry blobs of people and some ovalish thing

  1. OMG!!! But is it safe to wear glasses during rugby? If there’s helmet … it should be ok, right? Aiyoh … contact lens ain’t fun but guess if u get the hang of it (like tong) u’ll be fine. I haven’t been fine. it took me 45 mins to wear both eyes. hence haven’t worn my disposable lens till now … $100++ down to the gutter -_-“

  2. you could try getting prescription goggles similar to what basketball or baseball players wear…I understand why they don’t allow glasses in rugby or football (both varieties) too much of contact sport.

    dora, played womens or mixed rugby?

  3. No la. There’re no helmets in rugby.

    And goggles aren’t allowed. Nothing hard is allowed. Not even hairclips.

    Nulle, I’ve only just gotten started, so I’m doing women’s touch at the mo. The idea is that we’d be graduating to full contact in….July I think.

  4. Rugby! Told you you’re brave…

    May be you should give contact lenses a go? I know many people who said they didn’t like the idea at first, but once they tried them they wouldn’t go back to glasses… (sorry I don’t have any personal experience to share though…)

    • Well, we’re not playing full contact yet. So let’s see how brave I get when a woman with biceps the size of my thighs come running at me! Eeeek!

      Yeah, looks like I’ll need to go explore some contacts soon. I don’t see this working out any other way. Unless I quit playing of course!

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