Introducing….the Hovel

A friend found out that I’m moving out and asks me, “Have you jak yat to move in yet?!”

Jak yat. One of the local Chinese superstitious customs that amuse me on a good day and exasperate me on a bad day. To jat yat is to choose an auspicious day.

It’s been bad days. I wanted to say, lady, I’ve been stuggling to balance working, flat-searching, dealing with incompetent estate agents and unreasonable landlords, going to hockey games, getting to rugby training, while trying to ignore a running injury, (plus my recent addiction to Glee, shhh), I can’t be bothered to flippin jak yat! I’ll effin’ move in when I’ve moved everything in!

“Oh! Then let me help you jak yat!”                                    Argh.

So yes! I’m moving out! Woohoo!

Vanessa, a friend from uni., and I have found a little two-bedroom place which will effectively cut my daily 2.5 – 3 hours commute to less than 45 mins! Waahoo!

She’s done almost all of the hard work, including measuring for the furniture we’ve yet to get. (I waved her goodbye and ran off to play rugby. *grin*)


8 thoughts on “Introducing….the Hovel

  1. This is great, changes are sometimes very needed in life (and probably especially if you need to commute for insane amounts of time…). Hope you’re happy in the new place.

    • Yeah thanks! I’m definitely looking forward to putting some space between me and my family! Not that I don’t love them anymore, but I think space will do us all good…

  2. Oh hey in HK if you moved (at least I know the work-equivalent) you need to hand out siew yoke… if it’s a big move, you bring in a whole roast suckling pig… at an office party, the MC reminded our (then Brindian) boss that when he halved the pig, he had to do it in ONE motion for luck (ie cannot chop chop chop) :D

    • What’s “siew yoke”?

      We’ve been asked all sorts of things the past two weeks (but no chopping of pig…yet!). We been asked if we are going to “bai sei kok” (literally: pray to the four corners), or if we will host a “yup for jao” (a moving in banquet) – the guy even had the nerve to recommend good Chinese restaurants near the new place!

      I was like, dude, I’m moving into a hovel with a brothel a few floors down! I’m not moving into some penthouse! Dream on!

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