KL: Therapy by food and friends

I’ve just spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur doing nothing much but eating a whole effing lot.

The durian "restaurant" - take your pick

My friends Doreen and Albert are host fantasticas. They drive me around and my days there seem to revolve around meal plans. I’d go to dinner still full from breakfast; but once I see food I’d forget I’d eaten at all that day.

The menu

Other than that, we had a mini-reunion with friends from high school. Some I’ve seen recently, some we hadn’t seen in years. It was oddly awesome that we sort of just picked up where we left off and it was sort of like, “Well of course while you live in Melbourne, and I was just contemplating getting myself a gelato in the middle of Kuala Lumpur when I turn around and here you are! I mean, why the heck not?!” We met the husbands and wives and baby and it was just good times.

A family tucking in

In between meals, I managed to fit in some bouldering at Camp 5 – Asia’s largest indoor climbing gym. If you’re ever in town, this place is fantastic. I hadn’t climbed in a year and I came away with very sore arms and the realisation that I suck VERY bad. I would seriously consider moving to KL just for this gym.

Meanwhile, I learn that durian restaurants exist. Ok fine, they are hawker stalls. But really, they only sell durians, which you pick and choose from a menu depending on your preferences for sweetness, bitterness, fleshiness, firmness, etc. Then you sit down and they bring it to you opened, in the shell, and you just tuck in with your fingers.

Different varieties of the fruit have different names and I’ve learned that I don’t like the bitter one (the XO, top left) and that I really much prefer the sweet fleshy one (the Udang Merah, aka Red Prawn, front).

I’ve never been a durian enthusiast but I don’t mind it. If you put it in front of me, I’ll eat it. But what I found even more amazing than an eatery dedicated to durians is that when they have an over-abundance of the fruit, they’ll put up durian buffets. Yep, all-you-can-eat durians! People would go and sit there all afternoon and forgo dinner! Crazy!

2 thoughts on “KL: Therapy by food and friends

  1. That climbing gym sounds way cool. If I am ever in Malaysia – well my boyfriend’s parents are retiring to Borneo, which is close. I have never tried durian, I am a bit nervous of it due to various urban legends of it.

    • Retiring to Borneo! That sounds amazing! (Although I haven’t a clue what’s in Borneo, but it sounds cool enough!) Unusual choice too, I have to say.

      Yeah, I suspect that gym is possibly one of the best equipped this side of the world.

      You gotta try durian. You might not like it – but hey, you wouldn’t know right? ;)

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