Tis the magic of summer

This summer’s off to a good start. That probably makes me sound schizofrenic due what’s been happening, but today is a good day.

These four days off for Easter has been a life-saver. A day of hiking and beaching; a day of hockey tournament (one of my teams won and we even made a blurb in the local paper); and two days of no stomach aches, running, eating normally, and watching movies.

Save for the second day, it’s been warm and bright and I’ve gotten myself a nice tan. The sun makes me happy. :)

Plus, my summer is looking packed at the moment and there’s lots of things to look forward to! I’m off to Kuala Lumpur next weekend for a mini-reunion with friends from high-school. Then in June, I’m going diving for a week in Sipadan, Malaysia. Then in July, I’m going to Lake Tai in China for a week of work (it’ll be boring but hey, at least I get a travel fix), and right after that, my good friend Cora will be visiting from New York, and, and….and Nasty will be visiting at the same time! Despite my best efforts, I miss the guy.

This list of 88 Things To Do in Hong Kong This Summer is getting me very excited…


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