I need to buy a tent

Oh my god. That was such a bad idea. And that is an understatement in itself. I feel like flinging my computer off a hill. Note to self: Dig hole in sand. Put head in it.


I need to buy a tent.

I watched this video: It’s beautiful, incredible, and calming. I wouldn’t know we live on the same planet. It makes me and all my problems little and inconsequential. There is so much beauty out there, and I need to be there. I want to be in the middle of it all.

(If you can, click to watch it on the vimeo site. Much larger frame. Much more impressive. And turn up your speakers.)

I need to get out of the city and see the stars. I want to be under the sky and, oh I don’t know, just sit in the dark I guess. Whatever the heck people do camping alone.

I haven’t been camping since Bestival. I’ve never pitched a tent by myself, and my camping has never involved cooking. I need to get a stove, a sleeping bag and a mat. What else do I need? Where will I pee? What will I cook?

If you have any ideas for a cheap tent and sleeping bag (most likely by a beach, for spring/summer/autumn), or any suggestions at all as to what sort of food I should bring and what to do about water, any tips would be most welcome.


If you were unfortunate enough to see my deleted post: I’m seeing a professional. I’m talking to someone. I’ve survived enough to not survive this too. And I’m not going to let it define me. It’s the Easter long weekend. Have a wonderful holiday.


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