What my family did for Earth Hour/The turbulence that wouldn’t stop

Earth Hour was on Saturday.

I came home from Singapore to hear that my family, for the first time ever, participated in Earth Hour. I was quite proud of them, since we’re normally an apathetic lot.

Curious, I asked them: So what did you guys spend the hour doing?

They watched TV in the dark.

I suppose they only said to turn off the lights. No one said anything about the TV.


Meanwhile, on my flight, I was experiencing a lot of turbulence.

I looked around and wondered why everyone else was moving around as if it’s normal. Then I realise it was just my seat that was vibrating in spurts of violence.

Turned out the big guy next to me was watching some comedy and was uncontrollably trying to control his silent outbursts of laughter. It felt like he was about to go into a seizure.


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