Fishing in Singapore

Grabbing dinner in a very local Chinese place the other night:

Me: Can I have some tea please?

Lady: What tea?

Me: Uh, just regular Chinese tea.

Lady: Fishing?


I was alarmed.

I’m not quite sure why I was alarmed. Maybe for one split second I thought she thinks I’m ordering tea for fishing. Maybe Singaporeans fill their aquariums with tea.

The lady held out her pen and flexed her wrist up and down like a fishing rod.

Teabag. Like fishing no?


Guess we do learn something new everyday…

4 thoughts on “Fishing in Singapore

    • Mag, what’s even funnier is, I went to work the next day and ask the locals if it’s a common term for teabags here.

      They have no idea what I was talking about. I became the crazy person then. Ha!

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