I kinda like the view actually

I’m sitting in a hotel room looking at the bathroom.

It’s interesting. It certainly makes the room appear larger, which I think must be its intentions. Personally, I think it makes for great TV viewing while sitting in the bath.

I’m spending the next week and half in Singapore for work. It’s been years since I’ve set foot here and my first impression was: Changi Aiport is definitely not better than HKIA.

My second impression was: Singapore has trees. Real trees with thick branches and actual leaves lining the highway. In Hong Kong, we get twiggly….twigs. Why?

I’ve packed a hard disk full of films and TV shows to keep me entertained at night. Coincidentally, I’ll also be playing in a hockey tournament here over the weekend. After 10 years in the sport, it’s my first hockey tour ever, so it’ll be interesting. I’ll also be spending my birthday here. Maybe I’ll go up the Singapore Flyer – which I’ve just found out is the world’s tallest ferris wheel: 42 stories high and 30m taller than the London Eye. Or maybe not. It looks almost identical.


5 thoughts on “I kinda like the view actually

  1. Brilliant minds think alike. Though I must admit this thought in particular isn’t particularly brilliant.

    Well yes, I did actually think of that – and then decided I’m not gonna think anymore of it. :)

    You’d be amused to know, after all our recent discussion about 敗犬s, I walked into my room to find a copy of Time Out Singapore, with the following in big capital letters on the cover page: 20 REASONS WHY YOU ARE SINGLE.

    Gee, thanks hotel.

  2. nice pic. guess it’s quite fashionable to have a ‘window’ from the bathroom? I stayed in a hotel in Macau that has the same thing. Not sure I like the idea…but I know someone who did the same thing for his home….

  3. Mag: Yeah, this isn’t the first time I’ve come across something like this. However, this room does trump the others in terms of the size of that “window”!

    As for having one at home….sounds like some playboy bachelor pad thing!

    Cora: Wow, you’re a lot more enthusiastic about this than I thought you would be! Fret not. When I get back to HK, I’ll mail the darned thing to you! :D

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