While I’m up to my eyeballs

dealing with the massive pile-up of work as a result of my holiday more than 2 weeks ago…

I read in the news the other day that McDonald’s here have been promoting engagement parties at their restaurants. A couple have apparently taken them up on the offer and celebrated the day at the chain.

I can’t decide what’s worst: An engagement party at Wetherspoon’s or at McDonald’s.


5 thoughts on “While I’m up to my eyeballs

  1. What if McD’s have booze? There used to be one in HK that serves beer (at a pier where the US navy docks for R&R) and I believe that are ones in Europe that does beer.

    Wetherspoon’s food is awful! At least I like McD’s french fries!

  2. The word romance just took a blow. Can’t think of anything less romantic than an engagement party in McDs. Even if you had an engagement party in a station toilet it would at least have some edge to it, no?

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