WTF – Must be something to do with oil

Did you know that, in order to save the Chinese language from foreign invasion, the Chinese government has banned the use of foreign words and abbreviations in the media (think “email” and “WTO”)?

I didn’t. And you know what, I think it’s fruitless but fair game. But that’s not my point.

What IS amazing is that they are now planning to also ban the use of foreign characters in building names and identifiers, e.g. “Block 2A” and “Flat 20C”.

They propose that only Chinese characters and Arabic numerals can be used.

I just might be mistaken, but I have a feeling Arab numbers are foreign?

I hope they realise they sound completely moronic.


3 thoughts on “WTF – Must be something to do with oil

  1. Well, in some point I can understand… At the moment there are so many English words that became Dutch and that we conjugate in a dutch manner that it just feels weird and strange to write them down. I think it’s ok to use them in a dialect, but it shouldn’t become official dutch words.
    And I do hope they realise arabic is no chinese ;-) For me both of them are unreadable, but they look so different :-)

  2. Yeah, same here. That’s why I think it’s fair game for them to want to ban the use of English words (eventhough I think the general population will continue to use them in daily life).

    But the thing about Arabic numbers?! That is just self-contradictory. And I don’t see any harm in just As, Bs and Cs…..

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