Hiketastic – Sai Wan Pavillion to the High Island Reservoir (East Dam)

Went hiking in Sai Kung yesterday, known informally as the “back garden” of Hong Kong – it was the best hike I’ve had in HK yet. It lasted from 10.30am to 5.30pm. I didn’t expect it to take so long so I ran out of water and had little real food, but it was great nonetheless.

It took longer than expected because 1) we weren’t sure of the route; 2) one of us was ill and we had to proceed really slowly at times; 3) the beaches were too beautiful to not stop and hang out for a bit!

We had brilliant weather, fantastic views, white sandy beaches, great company, and a fairly challenging route – everything I could ask for in a hike.

It was a route none of us had ever done, and involved much more than the paved concrete I’m used to here – going through bushes, scrambling on the hillside, sliding on rocky patches. I have a feeling I’m only just discovering the wonders of hiking here!

I loved it too much to not include a few more photos, so see below for more if so enticed!

In case if you are in town or are local, we hiked from the Sai Wan Pavillion to the East Dam of the High Island Reservoir via Chui Tung Au, Sai Wan Shan, Long Ke Tsai, and Long Ke.

If you can read Chinese, a fantastic resource for hiking routes in HK (with beautiful visuals) is here, with this particular route detailed here. The site has an English version, but only a fsmall portion of the routes have been translated. Nonetheless, click through it and just look at the photos – and tell me you aren’t inspired!


6 thoughts on “Hiketastic – Sai Wan Pavillion to the High Island Reservoir (East Dam)

  1. Yep! This is the Hong Kong most people never see! I mean, considering I’ve spent more than a third of my life here, I’ve only discovered all this last year! Shame shame shame…but hey, I’ve “found” it now and better late than never!

    (Thanks about the banner. It’s the handiwork of one Nasty man….)

  2. Ah I did that last December – and same as you, it took us longer than expected to get from the East Dam to Sai Wan that we had to abandon our plan to complete the second portion of the MacLehose trail. The view was indeed breathtaking.

  3. Oooo..Mag, didn’t realise you hike in HK!

    Now that I know, I can’t resist but ask: Have you hiked in Pat Sin Leng before? I’ve been itching to go but everyone I know who hikes tells me that it’s “too dangerous and difficult”. I’m somehow unconvinced, mainly because these people haven’t actually been before.

    If you have been, I would love any advice at all! :)

  4. Ooh.. .I love hiking! We practically do walkings for all our holidays (not that i am very fit for it though…). But guess what, I have been itching to go to Pat Sin Leng and my mum just won’t let me go. So, sorry I can’t tell you any exciting experience… :( but I think I will go next time I go to HK, it’s just looks too amazing :P

  5. Oh man! Your mum won’t let you go?! What is the deal with Pat Sin Leng?!?!?! It’s now starting to feel like some Forbidden Land….hahaha – which really, makes it even more enticing!

    I agree with you. I’ll just have to go and see for myself. :)

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