New year. Fresh start!

The holiday was a life-saver. The 9 days in Thailand was an absolute breather. I knew I needed a holiday, just not how bad until I’d come back.

I dare say my insistence on a hotel with a pool in Krabi was probably one of my best decisions ever. We hung out there almost every day. (In case you end up in the area, the Vogue Report & Spa, Ao Nang, is great value for money!)

We did little but chill – massages, food, sun, sea and sand. The most action we had was sea-kayaking around an island and into a hidden lagoon, and canonballing into the sea and pool. I was too happy putting my feet up to deal with diving or climbing. They felt like hardwork in comparison!

Travelling with friends I knew since I was 14 (and haven’t seen in years) was the other reason why life was good. As drastically different as our lives and interests have turned out to be, these are people you know you can rely on – they keep me grounded.

It’s Chinese New Year tomorrow and I get the next two days off work. The “western” New Year really didn’t work out for me at all and I’m cherishing this chance to start over again. I’m taking the time to reflect, regroup, and look forward to the year ahead.

Here’s to a brand New Year, new beginnings, and a great fresh start! Happy New Year of the Rabbit!


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