Christmas is saved…by running!

Ok, so I haven’t been telling you that I’m a sad person this holiday season and I’m not about to start because, well, it’s miserable.  BUT one cool thing has happened.

I ran this 4K race on Boxing Day, my first race ever, and came in 2nd for my age group! YAY!

It was quite haphazard actually. (Us, not the race.) My friend and I had no idea what to expect. This was our very first race ever. So all the registration and getting our runner’s packs and trying to attach our numbers to our shirts and figuring out what to do with that Dtag thingamajig was all fresh and exciting. (It’s a timing band you attach to your laces, we found out.) We were complete noobs and must have totally looked the part because some dude took pity on us and came over to explain the Dtag. :D

Nonetheless, we eventually got set up and while waiting for the starting gun, tried to stay warm and not be intimidated by everyone else who seemed to have a proper warm-up routine going on. Our warm-up consisted mostly of going to the toilet to warm our hands under the hand-dryer, finding a patch of sun to huddle in, and hopping left and right while gaping at men with muscular thighs.

So the race started, and it was only after did we realise that the route, although short, was very hilly with 1K of rocky mountain trail. GREAT. By the end of the first uphill, I was gasping. I didn’t even know it was 4K until that morning, assuming it’s 5K all along. I felt like a clown with no oxygen. On the narrow rock and dirt trail, I rolled my ankles a few times and got shoved aside by faster people, including an older lady dressed as Santa. Hmpf.

But you know what, it was fantastic. I had no bloody clue but it was great fun! All the better because everyone got a free Dry-Fit Nike t-shirt and my friend won a prize in the lucky draw!

There were lots of prizes to be handed out after the race and we had enough of standing around in the cold so we left. It’s not like we were gonna win anything else anyways.

Only a few days later when the results were up on the website did we find out our times and realised that I came in 2nd for my age group! Awesome!

Ok, now, so I came in at 167 overall out of 306 people, then placed 30th out of 110 women, and there was just, um, 17 people in my age group, but hey, what the hell, what are the chances of winning anything on your first ever race? Plus, I’ve had a crap Christmas, so gimme a break, don’t tell them there were only 17 in my group.

I came 2nd! Woohoo! ;)

I can see this the start of many Boxing Day runs to come…..

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