The hills would’ve died from the sound of your music

So I went hiking with people from work.

A couple of us took a ride in this guy’s van. Obviously a devout Christian, he played gospel music/Christian pop during the ride and held an unexpectedly animated conversation about the songs and the latest releases and so on with another guy. If it wasn’t for the music playing, they could’ve been discussing the Billboards Top 40 and I’d never know. The music was, well, new and interesting to say the least. But it’s his car, so whatever.

Later, as we began the hike, I watched in horror as he pulled two portable speakers out of his backpack and stuck one in each mesh side pocket. He plugged them into his iPhone and proceeded to play that music over Hong Kong’s hills and coastline.


I don’t care if it’s Christian music, death metal, or Miley Cirrus. Who the fack subjects innocent, unsuspecting people around you to whatever your taste in music? In the countryside? Hiking?! I have very tolerant views of religion. But REALLY?!

Thank goodness for Mother Nature. Coz the wind, ocean and general bigness of the landscape drowned out the noise from his tinny speakers and he was forced to abandon his attempt to ruin my day with this ridiculous racket.

3 thoughts on “The hills would’ve died from the sound of your music

  1. Nooo that is like sound pollution. I really don’t get people who do that, like people who listen to music on their phones on the train. I mean, get headphones, people! At least consider that other people want silence or don’t like your music? People are weird.

  2. Smiley – The problem with telling the guy off is he’s one of the managers from work….errrr….that might be a bit awkward….;)

    Po – Oh gosh, people on trains and buses! They piss me off so much! It’s not just music these days, it’s watching the news on their iPhones, playing video games, etc etc. I bring my own iPod and headphones on the bus, not because I actually want to listen to anything, but to drown out all this noise from other people!

    I remember a guy listening to his music without headphones on a train in London. I was annoyed but didn’t dare say anything. But this brave lady did – and started a shouting match across the seats. *sigh* You don’t win do you?!

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