Looking for life

I have an aunt who lives alone in Canada. She must be in her late 60s now.

She’s always been a well-dressed, well-groomed lady, with a small but tidy apartment, always clean and she’s always been healthy.

For one reason or the other, she’s becoming like The Eccentric Old Aunty in the Purple Dress as seen in movies. You know, she says inappropriate things, have unreasonable demands and then wonders (out-loud) why no one speaks to her anymore. Except that in movies, they always redeem themselves by being ultimately lovable, humorous, or have out-of-the-box quips on life.

Of late, she’s taken up to dressing like a teenager. Think bright green tops and denim skirts with frilly laces. Hmm.

She has little appetite and eats way too little. She has a doctor that prescribes her medications for we-have-no-idea what.


I feel bad for not having seen her in years. At the same time, selfish as it sounds, I think it’s about time I stop feeling bad for things I didn’t cause and couldn’t control.


Closer to home, a friend just told me yesterday that my family “is sucking the life out of me” and reiterates that I “NEED to move out”. I need to stop taking sole responsibility for what is the whole family’s problem. And that’s me being nice already.


Actually, that was quite a shocker. Have you ever had anyone tell you that you’re having the life sucked out of you? I need some life back please.


4 thoughts on “Looking for life

  1. I think it is possible for your family to suck the life out of you! Even if it is not their fault, sometimes their strife and problems suck the life out of you because you are close to them and worry without being able to do anything. Their friends probably don’t have the same problem. I have this problem with my family. If you feel like you are being sucked dry, some kind of distance, physically or at least mentally, is good! Vital.

  2. Po. Thank you. I think you have just explained what’s happening to me. I didn’t know what was happening and I didn’t know why. But I think you’re absolutely right. I’m too close and I worry too much but there’s little I can do.

    Smiley, yes, definitely a much-needed wake up call. Let’s hope I find somewhere affordable (in this little land of 7 million people!) to move to early next year! :)

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