How come no one ever talks about this?

You know those squares lining the floors of multi-stalled washrooms of innumerable posh(-ish) office blocks and hotels?

They’re nearly always very black and very shiny.

These are washrooms where each toilet-going person is protected from the natural expulsions of the next by a heavy wooden parting that ends maybe half a foot from the shiny marble floor.

That half-foot is sufficient for you to see, without trying, all the action going on next door….


….because that damned shiny marble floor provides reflections of mirror-clarity.

It’s unavoidable because due to physics and light angles I don’t understand, the image of your neighbour with her pants down is right on the floor in front of you.

Seriously, have nobody else not notice this?

I’ve never heard anyone say anything about it. Probably because, given the usual location of these toilets, the person you’re most likely to be (involuntarily) observing is, unfortunately, people you work with on a regular basis.

We all emerge from our stall, pretend like we didn’t see each other hike up our skirts or wipe our privates, smile and make small talk about the weather while we wash our hands.


I have to wonder if toilet floor designers ever use these toilets, or if it’s a cruel joke. Thank you, but I don’t actually want to see my co-workers peeing, or, more importantly, they mine.

One thought on “How come no one ever talks about this?

  1. Well all i can say is try peeing standing shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers where each of you pulls your genitalia out in front of each other for all to see, and you’ll soon stop carining about some vague reflection on the marble floor thing

    I know guys (and no they are not me!) that literally cannot pee in public toilets (well urinals) because of having to do it in front of strangers. It’s a psychological thing obviously but one that is self perpetuating. They know that the bunch of strangers standing next to them notice that they are standing there cock in hand and have not been peeing for the last 60 seconds, and this just makes it worse- so they continue to stand there unable to pee.
    So I have to say I’m really not sure what your complaining about!

    **Footnote – Whilst saying the above i fully acknowledge the benefits of the male peeing setup, and am no way implying that we don’t have better general deal in convenience in this area.

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