steve would be proud of me

nasty recently told me about a job his sister had for a short while in an ad agency in london. an ad agency that represents apple.

my sister now has a job in london. she got a job originally with the ad agency that does all the adverts for apple, but quit after a week because the people drove her mad. her job was as a kind of office pa and she wrote this email out to the whole office updating everyone on something. then some guy came over and said,

“ummm, yaa…about that email you just sent…i saw that you used capital letters in it. we don’t use capital letters in emails.”

so my sister was like “what??! no capital letters? right ok… why, how come?”

the guy responded, “well, steve [jobs] sent an email out to the whole of apple a few years ago and he didn’t use any capital letters in it, so it just kind of caught on and so now everything has to be lower case all the time.”

i laughed out loud. i have only one thought: suckers!

it reminds me of all the people who provided us with so much entertainment in london, the trendies that frequented the shoreditch, hoxton, and hackney areas: “yar yar, look at me, i’m so cool coz i’m wearing eighties’ shades and man-stockings with a tweed jacket, yar yar.”

oh yeah, i’m missing it!


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