What I did in June

Somewhere between just before leaving London and after arriving in Hong Kong, Nasty and I have somehow decided that we’re gonna go on vacation for 3 weeks in July. (Yeah, as if I haven’t been.)

We wanted to be somewhere we both haven’t been before. Somewhere completely different.

Meanwhile, I’ve had enough of cities, culture, museums and sitting around. I was edging for action and physical adventure and something hardcore. YEAH. *pumps fists*

Nasty suggested Fiji. Until he looked at air tickets, that is.

Then he thought of New Zealand. Again, the cost of flights put us off, especially when he’s flying from the other side of the world.

I said I have friends who are scuba diving instructors in Malaysia, plus there are rainforests and beaches and mountains…and so Malaysia it was!

I had once thought about travelling straight through to Malaysia on the trains -that I’ll stop at home for a week at the most and move on. But home is a dangerous place to be. It feels final and you start to settle and get comfortable. Then you wonder how you’d done it before and planning the next leg suddenly seems impossible…

So I picked the most exciting option…not, and spent June at home.

Ideally, I would’ve wanted us to go in June, to get the travelling over with all at once, and crucially, with no jobless limbo in between. But Nasty’s lease on his flat was running out end of June and he planned to move his stuff home just before flying out. So that was that.

I was obsessed about not letting June go to waste.

I forced myself to get up early and kept myself occupied. I signed up for an outdoor climbing course. I signed up for a St. John Ambulance First Aid Certificate course. I chucked stuff out of my room. I learned a song or two on the ukulele I dug out from underneath my bed. I signed up for swimming lessons. I got into an exercise routine. I aimed to blog regularly (I don’t remember if I did). I took up regular squash sessions with an old friend. I helped a social worker friend work on a social enterprise funding application. I took up Muay Thai again. And I planned our 3 week Malaysia adventure, booking flights and hostels and the lot.

I remember June being very busy. But satisfyingly busy, because I was doing everything I loved and wanted to do.

I also remember that trying to plan a holiday with an alpha-male, esp. one that’s thousands of miles and many time zones away…is ill-advised. Especially when the female sells herself on her CV as a “detail-oriented person”!

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