Just past Ulan Ude (MT +5) (Sat) 15 May 2010

As usual, spent last night’s dinner at the restaurant car with Jack and Vanessa.

The train ride remains bumpy and jerky. It’s like they have only two controls on the train: STOP or GO.

Came back from dinner to find an orange and a chocolate sponge roll on my table. Could be God. But I think it’s just Ronan. Free stuff! Woohoo! I ate it all up. For all I know, they could’ve been drugged. Under normal circumstances, would I eat food that mysteriously appears in my room?

Nasty called too! Really really happy to speak to him! I had so many stories to share with him!

He told me he’s sold my bike. Along with my helmet and locks and light and pump and whatever else. Very sad to let it go. It was one of my most cherished belongings ever. I’m really sentimental about it and feel really sad. I only hope it’s gone to someone who would love it just as much.

The train stopped at Ulan Ude, but nothing much went on on the platform although it’s quite a large station. I’ve learned that the larger the station, the less things happening.

I woke up at 5am this morning when we pulled in Irkutsk, one of the few major tourist spots in Siberia. Up until now, I’ve been having my 4-person compartment all to myself, as have Jack and Vanessa next door. We’ve been very jittery about people moving in. We keep thinking this must be too good to be true and we keep expecting people to move in at the major tourist spots. So much so that I’d tidy up the little room, remove my stuff from the other bed, and then spend a sleepless night being nervous. (I know. I guess a little excitement goes a long way on a ride like that!)

So I jumped up at 5am, listening to the noise outside. I heard that Jack and Vanessa were up too, and they were chatting to someone, asking them where they’re from and all that. Oh no! Someone’s moved in with them! That means someone must be coming in my room too! So I waited and waited.

And then we pulled away. No one came. Later, I found out that no one actually moved in with J and V. They were chatting to two new Dutch ladies two doors down. Phew!

But I didn’t go back to bed, because according to my guide, we would be going pass Lake Baikal that morning. The deepest lake in the world. The oldest lake in the world. It was absolutely massive.

A shame about the weather though. Cloudy and grey. Would’ve been very impressive and beautiful if it’s sunny blue skies.

Lots of the lake is still frozen, with ice cracking the surface. Snow and ice is still seen on the ground occasionally.


3 thoughts on “Just past Ulan Ude (MT +5) (Sat) 15 May 2010

  1. nice restaurant car… I always imagine it as a shabby place… but it looks really nice :-) (never been on a long train ride as you can tell… (maybe this weekend a little trip to Londen) )

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